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BB Bastard .25g BBs - White, 2000 count "Out of STOCK"


SCOTIA ARMS AIRSOFT is proud to announce a new addition to performance in BBs for Our sport We so much enjoy. The BB Bastards , Canadian grown BB perfection at it's best.

As the owner of Scotia Arms Airsoft I am proud to say these are my favorite rounds to send down range , I rate these BBs 10/10 and prefer them over other Brands when available for purchase.

Art / Owner /Operator of S.A.A.

Quick Overview :

The standard lower weight outdoor BB, resists wind and maintains a good trajectory in outdoor conditions.

Bastard BBs provide a  Better Feedpath Performance - An airsoft BB passes along many different material types while making it's way to the chamber. In the mag, through the hop up unit, and down the barrel. BB's with a lower friction coefficient pass along this path easier and thus reduce jamming. They are also less likely to pick up dirt or other contamination that might damage the hop up unit, or affect performance.




Q - Why are BB Bastard BB's "better"?


A - Over years of playing and testing, we have come to the conclusion that a good airsoft BB needs to excel at four main characteristics:

Consistent size - the BB''s must be as close to 5.95 as possible across large samples 

Consistent shape - the BB''s must be as close to spherical as possible across large samples 

Consistent material distribution - material and air entrainment must be centered with no areas of high density across large samples 

Consistent polish - the BB must have a hard high polish and maintain that polish in shipping and packaging across large samples

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  • "The products are VERY good and my son is very happy with his gun!"
    Satisfied Mom
    Satisfied Mom
  • "Met Art this summer , and he introduced me to the fun of airsoft , and met some pretty cool fellow members as well . Now I`m starting to get ` armed ` and Art is guiding me alon..."