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WE 1911 M.E.U.


The brand new full metal M1911 MEU gas blowback pistol is new from WE-Tech, and is constructed of a high-quality, smooth-finished metal.  The M1911 MEU [Marine Expeditionary Unit] features a competition-grade full metal slide design that is designed to dissipate excess recoil to increase power and accuracy without compromising realism.  Along with this revolutionary slide, this pistol also features a metal frame and a textured (and extremely comfortable) hand grip.  The chamber, safety, slide stop, hammer, trigger, barrel, are also quality-manufactured from reinforced metal in order to replicate the solid, full metal feel of a real M1911.


WE Tech has also upgraded the internals to reflect their dedication to high-performance.  They have reinforced the recoil and hammer springs, improved the structural rigidity of the firing pin, and installed a high flow valve to maximize performance and durability.  The safety is easily accessible, in typical M1911 fashion.


You get the best of both worlds (performance and realism), with no compromise made to quality or durability.  To put it in simpler terms, it shoots hard, it kicks hard, and yet it is still extremely accurate.

* Features functional safety switch

** The desert tan finish looks excellent!


Operation:  Gas Blowback

Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic blowback

Muzzle Velocity: 300-350 FPS with 0.20g BBs

Magazine: 15-round magazine

Body:  Full metal body, full metal slide and barrel

Weight:  2.0 pounds

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