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Colt 1911 MK IV GAS Pistol- Semi Auto- Blowback



This Colt 1911 MK IV is a full metal high cap frame , gas blow-back pistol  powered by Green Gas. it features a fully adjustable hop-up, threaded (removable) barrel tip .manufactured by WE .

This model also features a double stack mag enabling it to hold 24 rounds where the standard 1911 A1 only holds 15 rounds , giving you9 extra rounds to disperse .this is one of Our best selling pistols here at Scotia Arms Airsoft


FPS: 300

Mag Capacity: 24 rounds

Power :  Gas

Length: 9 inches

Weight: 2.4 lbs

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  • "The products are VERY good and my son is very happy with his gun!"
    Satisfied Mom
    Satisfied Mom
  • "Met Art this summer , and he introduced me to the fun of airsoft , and met some pretty cool fellow members as well . Now I`m starting to get ` armed ` and Art is guiding me alon..."