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KWA GBBs are renowned for their world-class performance, their revolutionary NS2 gas delivery system, and meticulous build quality.  

 This is no ordinary gas blowback, it's the highly-coveted, fully licensed MagPul PTS Folding Pocket Gun, better known as the FPG.  It is meticulously manufactured by KWA, and up until recently, to build an FPG you would've had to purchase the FPG kit at $345 and incorporate an older-generation KWA/KSC M18C GBB in order to complete the gun.

 This time around, however, the entire kit comes fully assembled directly from KWA, and quite frankly, it is built to near perfection.  The polymer used extensively throughout the body is extremely similar to that on the prototype of the real FPG from MagPul.  The trigger controls both semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire, and the overall feel is solid and realistic.

 The FPG is a compact gun by all means.  With the flip of a release, the FPG turns from a neat, compact black box into a full-on Airsoft GBB SMG within seconds.  This feature has to be seen to be believed, and much of the research and design pre-production went into making sure that this feature was perfected and that the build quality would be on par.

 Firing wise, the FPG features a functional/realistic charging handle.  Like most new KWA gas guns, the FPG is equipped with the new NS2 gas system, fires crisply and consistently on either semi or full-automatic mode.  The blowback and realistic sound that comes as a result of the SMG's crisp firing is indescribable, as you must shoot one yourself to TRULY enjoy the juxtaposition of recoil and realistic firing noise with the smoothness that only a NS2-equipped GBB can deliver.

 The NS2 Advantage:  KWA's proprietary/patented NS2 internal gas delivery system, implemented in this pistol, uses an advanced light weight composite gas piston with a two-stage internal expansion chamber to deliver gas more effectively to the chamber and BB, when compared to traditional gas blowback systems.  This significant improvement in efficiency and power sharply increases the cycle rate of any NS2-equipped KWA gas pistol for the most crisp, clean blowback action on the market, unrivaled by any other GBB.



   * Caliber = 6 mm Airsoft BBs

   * Magazine Capacity = 50 rounds

   * Frame Material = Reinforced Polymer

   * Gas System = New Structure [NS2]

   * Velocity = 350-370+ fps with 0.20 gram BB's

   * Propellant = Green Gas

   * Weight = 1380g (approx. 2.3 lbs)


Operation:  Gas Blowback

Firing Modes:  Fully-automatic blowback, Semi-automatic blowback

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