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THOMPSON CHICAGO TYPEWRITER "Tommy Gun" automatic airsoft AEG rifle comes with an enhanced full metal gearbox, full trademarks on the receiver, and a full metal 450-rd high capacity DRUM magazine, making it one of the best values in airsoft today.

From the finish to the FULLY LICENSED laser-engraved trademarks (both Thompson and US ARMY trademarks) to the 467 FPS+ of power (as advertised on box with 0.12g BBs), We were thoroughly impressed with this rifle, and you will be too.

FPS Note:  Shoots at 420-430 FPS with 0.20g seamless BBs.  S.A.A. STRONGLY recommends using ONLY 0.20g and heavier BBs in this any AEG rifles.

 King Arms  Thompson 1928 AEG Features:

 *Unique serial number

 *Replica cooling rings, just like the authentic Chicago Typewritter "TOMMY GUN"

  *Full metal gearbox with reinforced steel gears and metal bushings

  *This AEG is 100% compatible with Tokyo Marui parts

  *Premium simulated wood grain finish, intertwined with metal body means this replica is realistic down to the very end.

   * Adjustable hop-up (TM-compatible hop-up unit) and selectable fully automatic/semi automatic firing modes, along with a functional safety mode

   * OEM manufactured by King Arms

   *420-430 FPS using 0.20g bbs.  This firing power ensures that you will DOMINATE any airsoft game. Accuracy and power better than that of TM M1A1 Thompson during comparison testing

   * Premium Large 9.6 Intellect  battery and wall charger included

   * 2-way adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation

IMPORTANT NOTE: these models are pre-upgraded and also come with an upgraded battery ....S.A.A. recomends downgrading the spring to ensure longivity of your AEG.

        All models are tested and guaranteed working before being shipped .

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  • "The products are VERY good and my son is very happy with his gun!"
    Satisfied Mom
    Satisfied Mom
  • "Met Art this summer , and he introduced me to the fun of airsoft , and met some pretty cool fellow members as well . Now I`m starting to get ` armed ` and Art is guiding me alon..."