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Mauser sr pro Tactical Sniper Rifle (free shipping in Nova Scotia on this item)


"Boneyard item" ,(this item is like new andis fully functional but has no bi-pod or original box )

The ergonomically designed stock of the Mauser SR Pro-Tactical bolt action sniper rifle is reminiscent of those found on Olympic class competition rifles. Its cheek piece and butt stock are able to be adjusted to best fit the shooter making it exceptionally comfortable to use. The adjustable butt stock has a full 2 inches of travel and is constructed out of metal with a soft rubber butt pad. Every part of this rifles stock is contoured to your body so that it fits you like a glove. Even the leading edge of the trigger guard is sloped to fit the heel of your hand when firing from the supported position.

 There is a high metal content in this rifle which contributes to its hefty weight of 9.5 lbs. Its metal parts include the barrel, receiver, bolt, bolt handle, safety switch, trigger, magazine release, magazine, front sling mount, butt stock, bi-pod quick release unit, bi-pod adapter and bi-pod. The SR Pro-Tactical uses a free floating barrel which actually threads into the receiver instead of being secured with a set screw. This keeps them solidly connected and further improves the rifles accuracy. The receiver is equipped with a 16 slot weaver mounting deck which will accept practically any scope or sight you wish to put on it. This rifle features two functional safeties which include an automatic trigger safety as well as a manual safety lever. Other features include an oversized bolt handle allowing for easy operation while wearing gloves, spring assisted magazine release, quick detachable folding bi-pod with telescoping legs and a 3-9X40 scope with high rise scope rings.

 The mechanics of the rifle are pretty much identical to the competing UTG MK96 and can even use the same magazines. However, we did find that the action of the bolt on this rifle was noticeable smoother and more precise. The performance characteristics of the two rifles are also very similar with the Pro-Tactical having only slightly less power than that of the MK96. Although the effective range of Pro-Tactical averaged only a few feet short of its rival so they are certainly in the same class. You’ll also find that this rifle is noticeably quieter with a softer report verses the sharper crack of the MK96 making it better suited for stealth and concealment.

 Comes with: 3-9X40 scope, high rise scope rings, tri rail quick release bi-pod adapter, folding weaver rail bi-pod, speed loader and a sling.


Power:   spring

FPS:   440-450 fps w/.20g

Mag Capacity: 23 rounds

Power Spring

Length: 43 inches

Weight: 9.7 lbs

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