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2009 Colt Concept


 This full metal, semi-automatic KJW Hi-Capa Xcelerator Blowback pistol is definitely the beginning of a new era in gas pistol designs and versatility.  It packs a TON of power and accuracy into its M1911 shell, as it should, since its real-life counterpart is KNOWN for dead-on accuracy and stopping power.

Everything has been re-worked from the inside out, as KJW has installed high-powered parts throughout the pistol to ensure that it can handle everything from green gas and red gas to CO2 as a source of power!  Full metal construction is undoubtedly present throughout the KJW Hi-Capa Xcelerator, as it features a high grade metallic barrel, safety, hammer, trigger, and recoil spring rod/chamber.  A high flow valve has also been installed to increase power capacity and also improve overall operational smoothness.


Operation:  Gas Blowback
Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic blowback
Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS
Magazine: 32-round magazine
Body:  Full metal slide, barrel, and frame
Weight:  3 pounds


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