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This is the all-new, full metal AGM MP44, which is also known as the StG-44.  AGM's replica of the historic WWII weapon is easily the most well-designed and manufactured MP44 on the market. The high grade metal used throughout the body of the rifle, from the receiver to the barrel gives a much-needed authentic feel, complimenting the gorgeous, genuine medium-polish oak wood rear stock very nicely.

 Performance wise, it is a complete BEAST and sleeper. No one would think much of this MP44 at first glance, but this rifle shoots at 0.20g BBs for fierce velocities, topping out at a whopping 431 FPS with 0.20g BBs!

 For an MP44, it is simply unheard of, and is clearly the work of AGM's brilliant R&D, who we all have to thank for building a rifle that truly blurs the line between ultra high-performance Airsoft AEG and ultra high-grade WWII collector's item and with a slightly modified AGM ultra high-torque motor, the rate of fire comes in hot as well, at over 800 rounds per minute.  A 300-round metal high capacity and tactical sling are included in the package as well.

 This full size, 1:1 scale replica MP44 AEG rifle is the obvious result of great manufacturing, constructed of the finest high quality materials and held together meticulously with outstanding build-quality.  It is much more functional as an airsoft weapon than most of the MP44 replicas out on the market, as to be expected from a build by AGM.  We have these AEGs in limited quantities at one of the lowest prices on the Canadian market, so grab one while they're still in-stock!

 Specifications :

Build:  Full metal body/receiver, barrel, gearbox, and genuine wood rear stock

 Shooting modes:  Semi and fully automatic

 Shooting velocity:  375 - 430 FPS w .20g

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  • "The products are VERY good and my son is very happy with his gun!"
    Satisfied Mom
    Satisfied Mom
  • "Met Art this summer , and he introduced me to the fun of airsoft , and met some pretty cool fellow members as well . Now I`m starting to get ` armed ` and Art is guiding me alon..."