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Quotes The products are VERY good and my son is very happy with his gun! Quotes
Satisfied Mom
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Met Art this summer , and he introduced me to the fun of airsoft , and met some pretty cool fellow members as well . Now I`m starting to get ` armed ` and Art is guiding me along , great stuff !! Quotes

Quotes had a small problem with my order, Art fixed me up wonderfully! Best customer service around! Best prices, Best gear! Quotes
Best store around!

Quotes Although you can not see my actual name Art should know who this is... I was one of Art's first customers and I can't deny in the slightest bit how amazing the service is! I've bought many, many guns and any problems i've had Art has fixed within days at the maximum time, think about it. He is one man, and he does all these things to satisfy his customers, now that is service! Quotes

Quotes I bought a 1928 Thompson, works great! I had one problem with the mag, but that was my fault and Art fixed it, no charge. Best customer service around. Quotes

Quotes Three words: Safety, Service, Satisfaction. Thats what Art and Scotia Arms Airsoft brings to the table, in the Shop and on the Field. Every time! I've never been disappointed in any of a long list of dealings with Art or Scotia Arms Airsoft. Thanx Art, and thanx Scotia Arms Airsoft! Quotes
Customer and Airsoft Enthusiast

Quotes by far the best airsoft store around. i have bought many guns etc and have never had a problem. Quotes
awsome prices and service!!

Quotes great price top quality service i will never buy airsoft equipment any where else Quotes

Quotes Bought all my equipment from scotia arms and i can say the only thing that beats the prices is the customer service absolutely second to none. Quotes
best guns anywhere

Quotes Bought an MP44, no problems with it, and the service is great! Quotes