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Scotia Arms Airsoft
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scotia Arms Airsoft is a Privately Owned and Operated small business.It all started around the year 2002 when at that point in time I was trying to help my friends out with good quality airsoft products,something that was not available in some parts of my Province. Around 2009 I decided it was time to get serious about it and put forth a plan to get my Area of Nova Scotia recognized in the Canadian Airsoft community, not only the gaming side but also the supplier of good quality products  as well. With a lot of hard work,expenses,paperwork and most of all determination, I have started to fulfill My dream by opening a Physical shop and a Online store. And if that isn't enough I myself and many others from my area are currently running and building our own community Airsoft field. I spent 22 years in the Automotive Fields,repairing vehicles, mechanical and cosmetically always doing my best to ensure customer satisfaction by being fair and honest . I entered this Business with the same intentions and morals that I have carried for years. I offer full repairs on site and full support online, and my personal customer relations is like no other ( If You the customers are happy then I am happy). I look forward to serving you the Customer. And please remember Airsoft is a Sport that a lot of Us enjoy and participate in so always treat your Airsoft with respect,never brandish it in public,always transport them in the proper manor (case or bag) and always wear eye protection while playing airsoft. Scotia Arms Airsoft